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About OTO

Our mission is to help people discover the power of CBD through thoughtful and effective products that easily and enjoyably fit into their daily lives

We aim to create the world’s finest CBD experiences with optimum levels of CBD. Through our unique curation process - ‘Otosynthesis' - we source the highest quality essential oils, scents and flavours from around the globe, blending them with pure CBD. Every step of our design process is taken with care, and uncompromising attention to detail.


Who we are

OTO started as a group of passionate, talented friends who sought to use the power of CBD to help ourselves and others.

Here in the UK, and across most the world, the benefits of CBD remained a mystery... misunderstood and mis-sold. That shouldn’t be the case.

Now more than ever people need help with anxiety, sleep, energy, insomnia and pain.

We know CBD can help. All of us. But no-one is helping enough with CBD. Most products lack efficacy, beauty, enjoyment, or understanding. Understanding of how it works, How much you need, how you would like to use and enjoy it.

And so a group of entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, and manufacturers combined to create a series of beautiful, thoughtful and effective products. Ones that easily and enjoyably fit into daily lives.

That’s us. That’s OTO.

We are here to help you FIND YOUR SPACE

The Space Between Sound and Silence

You can almost hear it.
The deafening sigh of relief.
The space in time when there is no distraction. When there is space to focus.
A space just for us.

Silence brings with it a notion of importance. It allows you to breathe.
It brings resonance with emotions,
thoughts and the soul.

Silence is a profound experience.
A true luxury of today.
It is about getting inside what you are, and what you are doing.
Experiencing rather than over-thinking. Allowing each moment to be exactly what it is.

The silence around us, and the silence within us,
Gives us new energy. As we create our silence, we help you to...

Find Your Space

Kristoffer Parup for OTO ©2019

These products have not been evaluated by the MHRA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of hemp oil. The THC content in all products is below 0.2%. ©2019 OTO International Ltd